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Get rid of Diabetes at any stage in days with novel method of Nano-nutrients.

Welcome to the Diabetes Institute of Nanotechnology

Founded 7 years ago, our diabetes Institute team comprises of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals. We all have a common goal – helping you!

 We are Bio-nano-research group working since 2014 on the involvement of nano-nutrients in metabolic disorders and made methods to care and cure heart liver and pancreas related disease. We have already cured about 60 patients since we started the program during our research through this method and now we made a Institute to aware people about the metabolic diseases and diabetes cure without medication and complex diet management.  With the great background of research, we claim that any patient who is diabetic of any age can get rid of the disease in days.



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Our Smiling Patients

There are about 60 Patients get treated since we launched year ago few of these are:

Mrs. Mumtaz

Mrs. Mumtaz was 55 years old patient with type-II diabetes for 5 years with associated pathies were also treated with our method now living normal life.

Mrs. Farzana

Mrs. Farzana from Islamabad was 47 years old patients with Diabetes type-I for 18 years and was on insulin. Her HbA1c was 15.5 % when she visits us for first. She took our treatment for three days and now living with out insulin and 140-175mg/dl average sugar level. 0321-8802923

Mr. Tahir Bhatti

Mrs.Tahir Bhatti was suffering from diabetes type-II for three years. When he came to us his average sugar level found was 226 mg/dl and now he is maintaining this level from 130-150mg/dl constantly.